• Side Projects

    for medium-sized projects with flexible deadlines

    Access discounted pricing in exchange for generous deadlines. Great option for creating CI/CD pipelines, adjusting build components, doing devops upgrades, or low-priority mid term changes.


    Examples include:

    • Devops projects
    • CI/CD setup/optimization
    • Automated Testing
    • Non-critical features
    • AWS utilization and cost reduction plans 
    • Transferring non-critical systems to Amazon Lightsail from Amazon AWS to save money
    • Migration between AWS, Google Cloud Compute, Azure 

    Dedicated Resource

    for quickly sourced, full-time fullstack & devops engineering

    Our talented software engineers are available to work on your project full-time. Do you have a software engineering backlog holding up revenue or slowing growth? Our software engineers integrate into your project management tools to augment your existing team.


    Examples include:

    • Full time Data Science/Machine Learning developer
    • Full time React / React Native developer
    • Full time Vue Developer
    • Full time Python Developer
    • Full time Node Developer
    • Full time Android/iOS Developer
    • Full time Java Developer
    • Full time Devops Developer

    Maintenance Plans

    for keeping projects running that require minimal changes

    Need someone to handle an existing bug now and then? Sign up for a maintenance plan. A team will track your bugs and exceptions for you and be guarantee service for a fixed amount of time every month.




    Examples include:

    • Well working app or service with an occasional bug
    • Upgrading libraries