• Digital Health

    MVP to Scale

  • Passion


    •Previous to our project, sensor tracking and reporting work was done by spreadsheet.

    •Client was limited to eight customers at a time as just daily statistic tracking took over twenty minutes per account

    •We integrated with IoT sensor API to produce automated data tracking and reporting for the client.

    •First, S7 produced an MVP that the client took to twenty customers. Now, client has 50 customers and plans to double to 100. We have established a solid SaaS business.



    §Introducing development stages (test, staging, production) as team grows

    §Executed robust service architecture after MVP validation

    §Multi-server, Docker

    §Mixin serverless architecture (AWS Lambda)

    §Navigated tough IoT vendor collaboration on unclear, buggy API

    §Team grew from two to six. Growing to 14+

    §QA protocol and integrated testing to ensure stability on the growing project

    §Started as a web app. Expanding to mobile app

    §Establishing 24/7 tech support to handle technical issues quickly